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New scholarship for PHS students

Clifford Lloyd Cone, seen here beside one of his taxis in 1972, bequeathed more than $500,000 to the Western Quebec School Board to set up a scholarship for PHS students. The top boy and girl enrolled in post-secondary will each get half of the yearly interest from the endowment.

Chris Lowrey
SHAWVILLE Sept. 26, 2017
A generous donation by a local citizen will help Shawville student’s with the burden of post-secondary education costs.
The Western Quebec School Board (WQSB) announced the creation of the Cone Taxi memorial scholarship at its commissioners meeting on Sept. 26.
The scholarship was made possible by the late Clifford Lloyd Cone, who bequeathed $578,295 to the WQSB specifically for the students of Pontiac High School.

The scholarship will be awarded to both the male and female students who are enrolled in a Canadian college, CEGEP or university with the highest academic standings.
Each student will be given half of the yearly interest of the scholarship fund.
“This is an incredible contribution to the future of our learning community,” said PHS principal Debra Stephens. “The value Mr. Cone has placed upon education will have life-changing effects on our student’s at Pontiac High.”
Cone, who owned and drove for Cone’s Taxi in Shawville, passed away on Feb. 28, 2013, just six days before his 90th birthday.