Monday, June 24, 2024
The Parents' Voice

Parents’ guide to restaurant eating with kids by Shelley Heaphy

There’s nothing I love more than occasionally eating out, for a while our family had to avoid doing so. We found it such a chore to try and get all three kids settled and happy out in public waiting for a meal.
We always found ourselves holding our breath and crossing our fingers it would go well. It was not exactly relaxing. We often had to ask for our food to go because our kids were acting out which was kind of embarrassing.
After reaching out to other moms on the Parents’ Voice Committee I found many awesome tips on how to survive dining out with your kids. With these in mind, we’ve started exploring dining out with the kiddos more. Hopefully some help you out as well!
1. When choosing a restaurant, choose wisely. Choose somewhere that has a child-friendly atmosphere where some noise from your little ones will be welcomed and not bothersome. Also, think of a restaurant that delivers the food in a timely fashion. Consider the children’s menu before you choose a restaurant so that you’re sure to find something that your child will like as well as something you’re willing to feed them. It might be wise to choose fancier restaurants once your children are more experienced at dining out.


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