Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Social Notes

Sheenboro: Doris Ranger

Our condolences and deepest sympathies go out to the Bottineau and Sweeney families on the passing of Paul Bottineau. He wrote the lyrics and recorded “Coming Home to my Beginnings.” A popular song in Sheenboro.
Belated birthday wishes go out to Marie Paul Muldoon, Emma Morin, Wayne Storms, Errol Downey, Glenn Magill, Andy McDonald, Janet Retty, Scott Ranger, Lynne Anne Storms and Shane Vandereyk Eyk.
Birthday greetings and best wishes go out to Henry Sallafranque who is turning 92 and to Robin Sullivan who both celebrate their birthdays on March 31.
April 1 birthdays are Lorna Gleason, Bailey McLeese, Mary Culleton Duquette, Erin Davis and Patsy Morris who will be celebrating her 90 this year. Also celebrating are Mike Fox on April 2, Tommy Hearty and Arlene Clyde April 4 and Marlyn Walker April 5.
On Saturday, Pontiac Ouest fire services were called to a fire on Hudson Bay Road in Sheenboro. The house which had been relocated there from the Morris farm on Perrault Road was totally destroyed.
Fr. Kenny, from Lourdes Church in Pembroke, celebrated Sunday Mass online. Check out the website.
A friendly reminder from the Fire Chief. Do not follow emergency vehicles and block up a road making it impossible for them to do their job safely. If you are not a qualified firefighter, please stay away from the sene.
A “tip of the hat” to Sheenboro residents for continuing their social distance.
A true penance for this little community.
Be safe and stay healthy.


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