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The Way We Were

The Way We Were Compiled by Bonnie Chevrier

Mar. 17, 1993

25 Years Ago
Killer dairy cow infection: more deaths, more mystery: The death toll in Pontiac County is 14 dairy cows and counting but the bacterial infection that’s causing it is still a deepening mystery.
More than two months since it was first detected at a farm near Campbell’s Bay, the killer infection has spread from its epicentre in the Pontiac to Eastern Ontario and the Beauce region south of Quebec City.
In all, 31 cow deaths have been attributed to what scientists now call ‘the mysterious disease.’
Motorists plow through “storm of the century”: National media called it the storm of the century but in Pontiac it was just another winter squall. In the Breckenridge flats, blowing snow failed to close Highway 148 on Sunday in spite of the fact that this has already happened twice before this winter.

Mar. 21, 1968

50 Years Ago
Pontiac Mill curlers win Belnap trophy: Five rinks from Pontiac Mill took part in the Consolidated Bathurst Bonspiel held in Shawinigan Falls last week.
They were among forty eight rinks, representing twelve divisions. Competing from here were rinks skipped by Andy Michaud, Hugh Dundas, Eric McGillivray, Frank Michaud and Jean Landry. The grand prize of the bonspiel, the Lamont J. Belnap Trophy, was brought back proudly to Pontiac by the team skipped Jean Landry with Harold Hall, Tom Gray and Mervyn McCarthy.


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