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Two for one

SHAWVILLE Jan. 17, 2018
Those in the Shawville area looking to pass the time and stay in shape over the winter might be interested to know that two local sports clubs have come together.
The Pontiac Squash Club has recently merged with the Shawville Curling Club, where the court is housed. Despite operating out of the same building on rue Lang for over 25 years, the two have remained separate entities until now.

Squash Club President Greg Hayes said that the idea has been proposed before, but when the Curling Club executives made the offer this time, it was difficult to pass up.
“The Squash Club wanted to maintain its independence until the time came that we were no longer able to,” he said, noting that the club has a modest but stable membership.
“We tried it another year a long time ago and we found that there wasn’t much crossover but now there’s a whole new group of curlers playing that would potentially play squash, so it’s the right time for it,” he continued.
Hayes will now oversee the Squash Club’s affairs as a member of the Curling Club’s board of directors.
Curling Club President Jeff Russell explained that now a single membership will encompass privileges for both clubs.
Hayes and Russell said that they hope the move leads to a bigger player base for both sports.