Monday, June 24, 2024

Volunteers run errands for elderly neighbours

People across the region are banding together in response to Quebec Premier François Legault demanding that those over 70 to stay at home unless an outing is absolutely necessary. On social media, many community-minded people have offered to pick up necessities and run errands for their neighbours cooped up indoors.
In the upper Pontiac, members of the Waltham Recreation Association (RA) have decided to volunteer to deliver food and other supplies their community.
If anyone is interested in the service, they have been asked to message Anne Romain, Megan Kelly-Rochon, Lily Fournier-Lavigne, Lindsay Mary Dawn, Tina Jolicoeur Pilon, Ashley Godin-McGuire or Hailey Romain on Facebook.
The RA is willing to provide help not just to these seniors, but to anyone that feels sick and vulnerable. Essential needs, such as groceries and prescriptions, are included in these deliveries, according to member Anne Romain.
She said the idea was suggested by one of the members, and everyone else “just jumped on board”.
“There really was no thinking about it,” Romain said. “We need to help each other in this time, so we can get through this.”
Hailey Romain, Anne’s niece, is another member of the RA and a volunteer.
She joined the association because she believes in giving back to the community. Hailey said there is another benefit to this volunteer work that does not include the beneficiaries.
“It’s extremely self rewarding to give back to the community and people who have given so much to you,” she said.
Sheila McCrindle is located in the Municipality of Pontiac and has offered to run errands for those with compromised immune systems through a post in the Facebook group Action Pontiac, asking them to message her privately.
“I got the idea from a Facebook friend in another part of the country. So I thought I would make the same offer here,” she wrote in a message to THE EQUITY.


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