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Watch them soar!

Pontiac High School welcomed back its 2018 graduates Saturday night, for the chance to cross the stage, receive bursaries and celebrate their accomplishments. Pictured, as tradition entails, the grads gathered at the front
of the stage to toss their
caps high into the air
at the end of the evening.
From left: Deborah Stafford presents her son, Conner Turcotte, with the bursary from the Municipality of Thorne.
The evening saw over $26,000 in bursaries and prizes distributed, including the new Lloyd Cone Memorial Bursary. Pictured, Valedictorian Emma Findlay gives her speech, highlighting the differences that made their high school experience so special.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
SHAWVILLE Nov. 10, 2018
Pontiac High School’s graduating class of 2018 returned to their old stomping grounds Saturday night, to cross the stage, receive their diplomas, and, in at least the case of Vince Belland, snap a quick selfie with some favourite administration.
In an evening of celebrations, over $26,000 in prizes and bursaries were distributed, including the introduction of a brand-new memorial bursary, donated by Clifford Lloyd Cone.
“For people around our community you may remember Mr. Cone, he drove the local taxi,” said PHS principal Debra Stephens. “He was just, from what I remember, this lovely, quiet, unassuming man, and there’s an incredible lesson to be learned about never judging a book by its cover.”
“And there’s an incredible lesson to be learned in terms of just living a good life, and saving your pennies,” she continued.
Stephens explained that Cone had donated his estate, a grand total of $578,295.36, to PHS, so that every year two students would benefit from it.


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