Saturday, September 23, 2023

Young entrepreneurs ensuring Pontiac’s vehicles are in tip-top shape

Connor Lalande
Shawville August 3, 2023
“We wanted to do something to make a little extra cash on the side and this seemed like a good idea,” said Nolan Sally as he hosed down a grey, slightly muddied Honda Civic.
“Its really satisfying, just seeing it all come together,” added Morgan Barr as he spooled out an extra length of hose.
Young entrepreneurs with a hardworking, industrious spirt not uncommon in the Pontiac, Sally and Barr are on a collision course with financial success. The pair of 16-year-old Shawvillians have started an auto detailing business - affectionately named Prime Shine - that has proven itself to be a windfall for their wallets. Booked steadily since they first started offering their services in June of this year, Sally and Barr are proof that with a good idea and a hardworking attitude, successful business opportunities can be found by those willing to put in the effort.
Sally and Barr have been close friends for years, having worked together at previous jobs in Shawville. With a keen eye for business, the two noticed the area lacked an important service for any self-respecting vehicle owner – a car detailer. A trade that involves putting a vehicle into as pristine condition as possible, car detailers focus on the cosmetic rather than the mechanical. Glossing a vehicle’s exterior and deep cleaning its interior, car detailers transform even the most mud-ridden, garbage-laden cars, trucks and vans into their fresh-from-the-factory form.
Sally and Barr certainly take their jobs seriously – a fact discernible from watching them work. Spending hours on a single vehicle, the pair ensure that every inch is as spotless as the day it was purchased. Meticulous in their craft, Sally and Barr take great pride in their workmanship.
“Looking at it, you just feel accomplished,” said Barr reflectively.
“I like seeing people’s reactions when they come to pick their vehicles up. Watching them take in the transformation is always awesome,” Sally said.
A marker of any good job, the two say that while they’re detailing cars, time seems to fly by. Enjoying the intricacies of their work and the company of each other, Sally and Barr say that running their own business is a great way to spend their summers.
“We listen to a lot of Drake while we work,” said Sally, referring to the Grammy winning, Toronto-based hip-hop artist. “It fires us up.”
“Classic rock is another big one,” added Barr. “Its nice to work with someone else and just kind of enjoy the day.”
Wise beyond their years, Sally and Barr insist that they plan on saving their earnings. Even if they admit to indulging in the odd expenditure, thoughts of future car payments and post-secondary education seem to be on their mind.
“With how expensive school and vehicles seem to be getting, it makes sense to try and save up some money for a rainy day,” said Sally in an old-soul type manner.
“Not to mention he’s a massive spender,” interjected Barr as they both broke into laughter.
Aside from the money made and the good times had, it is not lost on Sally and Barr how valuable an experience young entrepreneurship has been.
“It’s just really good experience learning how to work with people and run your own thing. Things like budgeting for cleaning supplies and setting up appointments has taught us a lot. No matter what we decide to do later on, this has been a great learning experience,” said Barr.


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