Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,
These are the facts in regards to the article written last week that need to be addressed:
Connie Renaud and Shirley Russell are the only two co-founders of Ski Pontiac. Ski Pontiac was founded in year 2010 for the sole purpose to create a donation-based outdoor activity for the young and old in the Pontiac and the Municipality of Bristol. They had a vision and put that vision into reality so they and others could enjoy the beautiful outdoors in the winter months which was not being enjoyed previously.
March 7, Saturday night featured one of the Moonlight Snowshoe and Ski events that Ski Pontiac does. This is an event when the trails are torch lit, lighting the sensational manicured trails with the moon providing the ambiance in the background.
This winter event provided lots to do for the young and old outside so people can build new friendships and exchange wonderful stories of their adventure while making memories that will last forever.
The 50/50 winner at this particular event was Tom Healey.
Ski Pontiac works well because of the volunteers and the business partners in the community all believing in the same initiative … enjoy the outdoors in the winter months. The snowshoes are owned by Ski Pontiac, Bristol Community Association and Pine Lodge and we share these with our guests.
The event raised sufficient funds to keep gas in the tank and the groomer going until the end of our season. We accomplished our target, to be able to pay our suppliers and keep the trails groomed.
Guillaume Lavoie Harvey from Ski at School arranged for Ski Pontiac to use their vast amount of cross country ski equipment for our event to give our guests the choice of snowshoes or cross country skiing our trails, which was a huge donation and many people took advantage of this, to try this sport for the first time at no cost.
Pine Lodge and Coronation Hall donated some of their proceeds from our event to Ski Pontiac to help in the quest for keeping our snowmobile and groomer moving.
Ski Pontiac Board Member, Deborah Kilgour, organized the silent auction component. She gathered donated products from within the community. All proceeds were donated to Ski Pontiac. Coronation Hall donated a Lobo Apple Dwarf Tree which drew a large bid of $70.00.
All visitors were welcomed by Ski Pontiac at both Coronation Hall and Pine Lodge who helped to facilitate this event put on by Ski Pontiac.
The Moonlight Ski and Snowshoe event has been happening for many years. In 2014, Shirley and Connie had a vision and that vision has grown to a must do by many. We now see many families, even three generations, out together enjoying this massive winter playground that was gifted to all of us.
Our trails are open day and night and we are seeing more evidence of use which is great, but we can always accommodate more guests. The more the better.
Thank you for providing the correct information to your readers.


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